L39ION of Los Angeles Announces Charity Partnership with CYCLE Kids to bring bikes to schools

L39ION of Los Angeles has teamed up with the national charity CYCLE Kids to raise money to provide bikes and a cycling program for schools in Los Angeles County and across the country.

L39ION of Los Angeles has teamed up with the national charity CYCLE Kids to raise money to provide bikes and a cycling program for schools in Los Angeles County.

CYCLE Kids began as an intervention to help combat childhood obesity and grew to support children’s basic right to a physically and emotionally healthy start in life. With research funded by the American Heart Association, and a collaboration between academic staff at Boston University's Sargent College for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and PE teachers, CYCLE Kids developed an elementary school curriculum.

CYCLE Kids now selects applicant schools to grant their program to and works closely with their staff and teachers to implement a program that combines the fun and practical skill of riding a bike with healthy nutrition. Helmets are provided and the bikes have a safe home in the schools to create a great daytime activity for young students.

The curriculum is research-based and meets national core learning standards for physical education, reading and comprehension, and math. It helps kids, families, and teachers get back to the basics of fitness with a non-competitive, fun, and simple activity. More information on CYCLE Kids is available at

With L39ION founders Justin and Cory Williams, the partnership will focus on selecting schools in Los Angeles to inject grants into their home communities. The short-listed schools will apply for the program once they meet the criteria.

The fundraising effort builds on the outreach work the Williams brothers have been doing in their home neighborhood over the past decade, creating and funding cycling programs in schools to pair with their visits and community work.

Justin: “Growing up in central Los Angeles, this project is incredibly close to my heart. Without a bike, I don’t know where I would be today, or who I would be. I’m so proud to have grown the L39ION platform to be able to use it to promote projects and partnerships like this. Putting bikes into local schools is a charity initiative I’ll shout from the rooftops. It’s so important to always give back to the next generation.”

Cory: “We are giving these kids a chance to grow beyond their community. A bike for us got us out of our bad neighborhood and will give them an opportunity to move outside of the world that they live in.”

The goal is to raise 200,000 dollars, financing eight schools. Donations can be made at

Julianne Idlet, Founder and CEO of CYCLE Kids: “I am excited to work with Justin and Cory to bring CYCLE Kids programs to children in the schools in LA! You don’t need hours and hours to impact a child. You just need a bike and a few miles of roadway to make a difference. I know personally how impactful a bike can be. The simple act of riding a bike creates so many amazing memories that it’s hard to imagine a child not having this experience.”

Justin: “The dream is to hire a rider out of the CYCLE Kids program in a decade from now. Let’s make it happen, together.”

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